The aim of this design was to create a trail walking event running from May 5th 2018 until August 5th 2018 where registered walkers are given access to 12 trails walks in and around Perth to complete as many times as they like. The money raised from this event will go towards building the Stan and Jean Perron Child Advocacy Centre in Midland. It was my role to help set up the event, choosing the trails, price points etc. as well as creating the branding for digital and print media and managing all social media platforms.


Parkerville Children and Youth Care is a well-established organisation with 115 years experience supporting vulnerable children, young people, adults and their families in Western Australia. Their mission is to protect, care, advocate and promote recovery for children and young people who have experienced trauma from abuse, to support families and to work with the community to prevent child abuse. We needed to create branding that co-existed with Parkerville's current branding, encompassing the organisations history, but also stands on its own as a new and exciting event.


The result is a bold graphic style. The incorporation of the shades of blue complement the red of Parkerville's existing logo. The colour blue signifies trust, reliability and has a calming effect on the audience. These features reflect the focus and goals of the Trail Challenge, as mental health and communication are relevant facets to the cause. 


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