Health Infonet aims to provide information to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes and to create a better understanding of Aboriginal health. Currently they are struggling to get their health message across with a website that is heavily text based. They need a design that is immediate, practical and takes resonance with the community. 



Health Infonet needed a plain language version of their Diabetes Review that was operational and practical for use by medical staff and ‘natural helpers’. I created a series of posters each showing different areas of information from the Diabetes Review in a simple and visual manner by creating pictograms and applying them to a central figure with minimal written information and applying current Health Infonet branding.


It was extremely important in this project to be culturally sensitive. Within the 5-week timeframe I created my poster series that was expanded to a downloadable pdf. This was well received by the client and I was awarded a certificate for my design.