Located inside the Fremantle Town Hall the Fremantle Library has been operating since 1949. With large amounts of stock and confusing layout, the City of Fremantle Library lacks space for people and events, hindering service and interaction. The intent of this design is to shift the City of Fremantle library traditional values to a community hub that focuses on interaction and flexibility.


We worked with the City of Fremantle Library to create a design they can use in their current or upcoming building. We created a navigable and effectively organised space, encouraging interactions through co-working and collaborative environments and designing spaces with the needs of people in mind.


This was the first time I ever took on the role as project manager. Managing a 9-person design team was hugely challenging and at times stressful. Learning to work with and manage a design team had a huge impact on me as made me grow as a designer and person. We presented this to our client who was the manager of the Fremantle Library. He invited us to present our ideas again to his bosses and co-workers. This design was well received and was exhibited at the Edith Cowan University Grad. Show.