The aim of this project is simple. Design and build a 1:5 scale model of a chair. My idea for the design of my chair first came when I saw Thomas Heatherwick’s Terrazzo Chair. I was inspired by the concept of challenging the viewer’s perspective when they looked at my chair. I was also inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus such as, using the cantilever principle to create a feeling of weightlessness.


Keeping my concept in mind I created prototypes and rough sketches. I came up with a geometric shape with a square cantilever base, square seat and triangles creating the entire form. In building my chair I firstly created a frame by welding pieces of wire together, which I spray-painted matte black. To fill the frame I cut pieces of acrylic plastic, adding to the feeling of weightlessness. I glued in the pieces of acrylic to complete the chair. 


The result of this design is a minimalistic and geometric chair, which acts as a piece of sculpture within a room. I built this model using materials and techniques I had never used before. I had challenges with welding the pieces of wire together to create the frame, and the challenge of fitting in my pieces of acrylic. I tried gluing them in but glue then got on the acrylic, marking it. I tried getting the glue off with acetone but this marked the acrylic further. This taught me a lot about dealing with these sorts of materials and lots of new techniques. This design was exhibited at the Edith Cowan University Grad. Show and was on display for the next year within the university.