Built in 1884 as a storage space for kerosene the Kidogo Art House now hosts weddings and serves as an exhibition space and popup bar during the summer. The aim of this design is to improve and utilise the surrounding area, creating the opportunity for more visitors and more events.


Currently the layout around the Kidogo Art House involves steps, different levels and a loose gravel floor covering. I want to move this space from something exclusive to one that is beneficial to all. I did this by extending the boardwalk that runs beside the art house further onto beach. The boardwalk splits into three separate platforms that allows universal access to the Kidogo Art House and neighboring Bathers Beach.


The result is a design that will benefit all visitors to the Kidogo Art House. Throughout this project I learnt just how important universal design is and ways to implement it. It was a challenge designing such a large outdoor space, but it was rewarding as my design was exhibited at the Edith Cowan University Grad. Show Exhibition and the Fremantle Happiness Project Exhibition at Kidogo Art House.